Our Mission

The purpose of the CSC is to foster a community for RIT’s computing students and provide them with the resources and skills necessary to succeed, both academically and professionally.

For more details, please see our constitution.

Below, you can find the name, bio, and contact email for each of our current executive board members.

Chris Lydic

President - president@csc.cs.rit.edu

Public Relations - publicrelations@csc.cs.rit.edu

I'm a fourth year computer science major. I like programming, video games, and being lazy.

Gavin Nishizawa

Vice President - vicepresident@csc.cs.rit.edu

I'm a 5th year student majoring in software engineering with a minor in computer science. I'm interested in puzzles, games, data structures and algorithms.

Ethan Soltis

Events Coordinator - events@csc.cs.rit.edu

I'm a second year Computer Information Technology student. I'm an Orientation Leader, play in the Pep band, and make a mean Eggs Benedict.

Reid Kamhi

Secretary - secretary@csc.cs.rit.edu

I'm a second-year Computer Science student. I speak Spanish, play table tennis, and referee soccer. I also enjoy watching sports and satire comedy shows.