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Deadline to vote in E-board elections

Wednesday, April 23, 11:59 PM - 11:59 PM

Location: https://clipboard.rit.edu/take.cfm?sid=5D38E66A

Teach'a Talk: Professor Roxanne Canosa

Tuesday, April 29, 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Title: WYSIWYG? Human Vision and Image Understanding

"Can visual illusions help machines see? Computer vision systems sometimes try to emulate human vision to solve difficult image understanding problems such as extracting the 3D shape of an object using shading in the scene or determining how far away from the camera an object is without using a depth sensor. Since people are able to solve these kinds of problems easily, machines should be able to learn from humans to solve them easily as well. But do we really solve them easily? Visual illusions are clues as to how, when, and why the human visual system fails. Can we leverage this failure to build better machine vision systems?"

Refreshments will be provided.

Location: GOL-2400

Teach'a Talk: Professor Zack Butler on Puzzles

Monday, May 12, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Title: What puzzles can teach us about CS, and vice versa

"In this talk, I will discuss two different types of puzzles and how they are essentially algorithmic in nature. The first type is the pencil-and-paper, Sudoku-like puzzle. In these puzzles, the rules are made clear and the goal is to find the unique solution. While many such puzzles can be solved with a backtracking algorithm, other algorithms can (must) be used, and a good understanding of complexity can help us figure out what is and is not feasible. The second type of puzzle is the more open-ended, instruction-less, puzzle hunt
puzzle. These are often much less amenable to computational solutions, but the way that people try to solve them (i.e. figure out what to do with the pile of information presented) is much like the type of problem solving that computer scientists have to do."

Sample puzzles will be provided!

Location: GOL-1400

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